Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The other side

Okay, so I think my sister is reading this and shaking her head because she can't believe I'm showing this but this is the other side of the bed. The lovely half-circle table is a bit obscured by the books piled on it. I'm showing this since one of my friends commented yesterday that I needed to make sure that I had plenty of books to read while I recover from my shoulder surgery. That is not a problem. I have a book stash to rival my fabric stash. I think I have a deep-seated fear of being without something to read so I enter a book store the same way I enter a quilt shop. Eyes gleaming, heart pounding and wallet wide open.
I am still a book reader. I love to hold the books, turn the pages and visually see how far I am into the book. I'm sure that someday I will succumb and get an e-reader but not yet. The only problem will be trying to decide which book to read next.

I just finished reading Dreams of Joy by Lisa See. It was an amazing book. It is the sequel to her book, Shanghai Girls. I am always amazed by the amount of research authors do to write a book of this scope. It is well worth the read.

After looking at the first picture I decided I needed to show the table without the books. The top is decoupaged with flowers and the legs are painted different colors. I do love this piece of furniture too.

Now back to the sewing. Almost finished!


  1. Cute table and love the books everywhere. I think the pic is 'keeping it real' and love that too.

    Hope the shoulder feels better soon. That is NO fun!

  2. "The other side" doesn't bother me at all. Like you, I love books. I must own five or six hundred, and can't seem to part with many. I keep saying they're my best friends. I got an e-book for Valentine's Day from my husband. I was so excited! But you hit the nail on the head about something. Because, like you, I love to hold the books, turn the pages, and visually see how far I am into the book. I'd never tell my husband.

    Since I love to read, I need to go check on the Lisa See novels.

    Oh, and I simply adoare your whimsical table.

  3. LOL looks familiar. ;-) I'm a reader too. Good luck with your shoulder.

  4. Oh Nancy I am so with you on this, my hubby says I could start a book store with the amount of books I have!! It's got worse since we moved to France as I can't just go to the library for a quick fix anymore!! The best thing is, now try not to get jealous..... my sister in law works in a library so when they are getting rid of books she looks through them and picks out the ones she thinks I may be interested in and saves them for me. Your jealous aren't you :) I just have to remember to take a large suitcase when I go visiting. Hugs Linda x

  5. I have a few books too...they're on shelves though...with the exception to my 'reading' table beside my chair. I really do need to get some of them finished!

    Love your table, but your quilt is really catching my eye! I love it!

  6. My bedside book stash look similar. lol

  7. Having worked for Waldenbooks for 6 years,I resisted an e-reader for a long time, but my son gave me a Kindle last Christmas and I LOVE it!! My first download was a 1,000 page book! The Kindle is so much easier to carry than that book would have been. I have the opportunity to read more often since the Kindle is so much easier to take along than a book and I have a Kindle app on my iPhone so that I can read during those unexpected moments that sometimes come. And it is so easy to get a book at midnight when the stores are closed!

    And yes, Nancy, I can't believe you showed that picture!