Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love a rainy day and my creative pursuit this weekend

We were promised all day rain today by the weather forecasters and it actually came true. After so many days without rain this was really welcome weather for today. I was out most of the morning and then luckily came home to spend the day enjoying the rain from inside. I'm sure my flowers are very happy since I had basically given up with the watering. They sure are getting it today.

While I'm enjoying the view from inside, I'm also creating cards for all the upcoming birthdays and anniversaries. I have been working on this for two days with many breaks in between. I have to catch up and plan to get cards made for August through October. I'm having rotator cuff surgery on September 2nd so this will be one of the activities not on my list during recovery. I'm right-handed and of course it is my right shoulder! Yes, I do think that also means no sewing for at least a month too. :(
I'd love to hear from someone else who had the same surgery. I am really wondering when I will be able to get back to sewing once I have the surgery. As soon as my cards are finished, I'm getting back to two quilts that need to be finished.

This is my creative space for making cards. Yes, it is my dining room table. 

The supplies. Not quite as much as my sewing supplies, I don't think. 

Paper stash. Definitely not as much as my fabric stash. I do have to draw the line somewhere.

I hope that wherever you are, the weather is what you want it to be. I'm sure enjoying mine!


  1. oh dear, I am glad I am not the only one who has craft all over their table!

  2. Hi Nancy, we are having rain too in France! All day yesterday and looks like we could get more today. I am not complaining though like you my garden is very happy to have a long long drink LOL. Hope everything goes well with your operation. Linda x