Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I was going to title this post - If you were a rotary cutter... because until just a few minutes ago, I couldn't find my rotary cutter and for the work I did today, I had to cut with scissors! Can you imagine that? Fortunately for me, I only had to cut a few pieces to make the backing for this quilt. I thought I had looked everywhere but as I sat down to write this, I remembered one more place and voila!, there it was. I am so happy because it was going to really annoy me to go out and buy another when I knew it had to be somewhere...

I did sew the backing today and just finished pinning the whole thing. Tomorrow, I will start the quilting. It was a good day here and I was able to keep the windows open all day, even though it did get a little warmer in the afternoon. But I just loved the fresh air. I have to admit that I did take breaks throughout the day, because I could.

I'm enjoying lighting up my Schwiboggen for inspiration. This is from the Christmas Market where I work during the holidays. Germans would have these in their windows during the Christmas season. The shape was reminiscent of the entrance to the mines. On Christmas Eve, the villagers would watch for all the lanterns to be hung as the miners came out of the mines. When each spot was full, they knew all the miners were safe and Christmas could begin. I love the symbolism of this. I keep mine out all year because as you can see, mine is a quilting scene.

Back to the sewing tomorrow and I won't have to hunt for my rotary cutter. Yayyyy!

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  1. Well done! glad you found your rotary cutter, how did we ever manage without them. I did manage to get in my sewing room last night yeah....think of me this morning moving another 8 cubic metres of wood. At least it's cooler and cloudy so may not be as bad as yesterday. Hugs xxxx