Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Almost there

Before I go back to sewing I thought I would share my progress on the quilting. After I ripped out all the stitches, I started over again and used the straight line stitching. I'm stitching in the ditch going in one direction and I really like the way it looks. The thread is variegated and looks good on the backing. I have 2-3 more lines to do and then I can stitch the border and add the binding. I think I'll make it!

I wanted to share my new little find with you. I was at the gift shop yesterday and this came in to be sold. I grabbed it up immediately because I knew I had the perfect spot for it. The one I did have in that spot was too small and had no space for anything. The drawers of this little chest are even lined instead of just plain wood. So happy with this. The drawers already have things in them.

I've made a little progress on my list today. Trying to get some things finished before I have my surgery next Friday. Today I used my little Green Machine and took a few spots off the carpet. It actually worked and then I had to ask myself why I waited so long. Aaaaah, procrastination!

I hope you're making progress on your lists too, whatever may be on them!


  1. Love your little green chest! And congratulations on making headway on your list - I did too! Feels good, doesn't it?

  2. Your straight line quilting is looking great!
    Super find in that little green piece - so cute :)

  3. Nancy-
    Love the green side table, very cute in your room. Good luck with the surgery, I'll be thinking of you. Load up on some good books since you won't be able to sew!