Friday, August 6, 2010

Not exactly a design wall...

I'm not sure where all my time went today. I expected today to be my day at home but I did have to go out to the post office and to drop a return at UPS. Well, that seemed to take longer than expected. I went to two separate locations but the box I had was too big to fit in the drop box. I was so frustrated that I decided to make my stop at Jo-Ann's which was one of the stops on my list. It was a lucky choice since I ran into a friend who offered to drop it off for me at a UPS drop near her. Thanks for saving my sanity, Lynn.

While at Jo-Ann's I did find some fabric for a jacket/skirt or shawl. The fabric is draped on the blue dress. Haven't decided yet. I'm going to a wedding next weekend and another in September and of course that means the never-ending search for the perfect outfit. I have ordered a few things to try and I'm considering going back to my clothes making and make a jacket for one dress I have. I just cut the top off the green dress in the picture and will try to turn it into a skirt. All kinds of plans. Hope one of them works.

But, I did manage to get one block sewn tonight. This is the Dutchman's Puzzle that Dru showed us at our meeting the other night. I think there is no right way to put this together but I think I like the pinwheel that mine made. I like getting these monthly projects finished right away. This is a change for me since I usually work on them the day before! Progress has been made.

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  1. The block looks very nice, Nancy. I like the pinwheel, too. Good luck with your clothes ideas for the weddings.