Monday, August 2, 2010

A delightful and productive day - couldn't have been more perfect!

I was lucky to be able to stay home today and even had the windows open. It got a little more humid today but not too bad. I know I'll have to give in to AC tomorrow but sure enjoyed the fresh air today.

I started the day with my treadmill and weights so I could sew later on without guilt. The treadmill does taunt me when I don't get on it. Managed to finish two blocks today. One was the 15 minute play. I think I need to go back and reread the tutorial. I'm not really sure that I did it right but I do like how it looks.

My other accomplishment was the last block in the Moose on the Porch Jelly Roll Sampler. I loved this one. It was so easy but I love the block. I put all the blocks together on my "design wall" just to see how they look. Not sure how I will finish it. My design wall is a cardboard tube covered with white flannel that I hang from my wardrobe. Not the best but it works in a pinch.

Since I don't have any pressing deadlines, I took the time tonight to sort through my fat quarters. Did you ever notice how many different ways shops package their fat quarters? Rolled, triangle, folded... I had to try and get them in a similar fold so I could put into containers.

Have to share this new find with you too. I found out that I can have my phone calls displayed on the TV when my phone rings. Great for when you are sewing or in the middle of something and don't want to check who's calling. Hasn't been set up yet but should be in a day or two.


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  2. Nancy,
    Your blocks are great! I especially love the second one, and on the design wall, it has this diagonal floating thing going on. (hope that makes sense). It would be interesting to see a quilt done with just that block :) Ps. My folks have the phone number on the tv thing, and love it! You can avoid all those telemarketers who ruin your last 5 mins of the movie!

  3. Nancy,
    I'm happy to see all the Jelly Roll blocks together. I've been downloading the instructions and I purchased my fabrics but I have the Pinwheel blocks to sew first!