Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How does that always happen?

I just got back from my local quilt shop. I went there to pick up my fabric and pattern for the $5-practically free quilt. Each month they give fabric and the pattern for a new block. You pay $5 at the beginning and if you go back with your completed block each month you get the next one free. So... if you go each month and make your block, it is almost free. I wasn't able to go last week so I went today and paid $5 for the new block. So, that should have been it, right?

All of the quilters out there know that just doesn't happen. I looked around and look what hopped into my hand. Some beautiful sunflower fabric for my collection. It is just gorgeous, don't you think? I did get a free pattern when I bought the fabric so that should count for something.

It is a great day here. Much cooler and even with overcast skies, it is lovely. I turned off the AC and opened the windows. At least until it rains. I love it. A good day to sew.


  1. Those fall fabrics are great! I like the pattern also!!! That fabric shop knows how to run a business!!! They know that we cannot go into a shop with out coming out with more than we intended!

  2. Love that sunflower fabric. Just waiting for fall. Enjoy your fabric.