Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Almost ready to start - in AC'd house!

Yes, I am happy to say that my AC is back in service. Now keeping my fingers crossed that it won't leak into the kitchen again. But for now, I have air. It did make me realize that going without let me go back to my childhood summers when it was okay to just sit and relax or read because it was so hot. Is it a good thing that air conditioning lets us stay very, very busy?

Anyway, if you can read backwards, you will see that I got the new jelly roll book, Jelly Roll Inspirations. So many ideas to use your jelly rolls. I like the two pictures I posted and will have to pick one to get started. I think I am ready to make a choice. The otherproject can't be shared since the recipient sometimes reads this blog. That will be a secret until finished and given away.

What is your favorite jelly roll pattern? I love how they can be used in so many ways. And I do have my jelly roll sampler blocks to put together too. Hmmm. That is a pattern to think about too. Too many choices.


  1. I'm back from Florida. I think I missed my sewing machine more than I missed my husband...shhh, don't tell him :-)

  2. Hey, Dru- good thing Al doesn't read this blog!! Next time, do what I did- bring your machine with you!!

  3. I am anxious to see your project from a jelly roll. I have never used a Jelly Roll-and would also like to see the projects other bloggers create from them!

  4. I will have to check out that book. I may do one! Can't wait to see yours!