Friday, August 20, 2010

Lucky me!

It was a perfect weather day here on the East coast. A good friend is visiting from Texas and we decided to head to Spring Lake, NJ for a little shopping and to give her a chance to look at the ocean. She hadn't seen either ocean for more than two years and really needed a fix.

For any of you who live in this area and have been to Spring Lake you know how lovely it is there. The homes are amazing, each one prettier than the last, and they do have some very cute little shops to visit. No fabric shops but still a good day. After lunch and some shopping we drove down toward the water. The weather was perfect and we found a spot to just sit and watch the ocean.So nice and very relaxing.

The lucky me part comes from having the chance to be on both coasts and see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans less than one week apart. Pretty darn amazing. And, as one friend commented on seeing the pictures - they look pretty much the same. No one was in the Pacific when we were there due to the cooler weather. Not too many were in the Atlantic since it was later in the day and a cooler day too. Can you guess which is which?

The answer - top is NJ and bottom is CA. Did you guess right?


  1. They are both beautiful! I'm glad you have enjoyed your time with friends.

  2. Hi Nancy! So glad you stopped by for a visit today! I just failed your test, clearly I don't travel enough to know my coastlines. I'm off to read your posts. Have a blessed day!