Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ah, spring!

I'm happy to say that I think spring has finally arrived. After a week and weekend of rain, rain, rain today is absolutely beautiful. I slept with the windows open which is my very favorite thing. My heat is turned off and I'm hoping it can stay that way.

No sewing went on this weekend. I was visiting friends for the Easter weekend and I'm happy to say that we did some card-making this weekend. They helped me make favors for a Tea and Trunk Show that I'm helping with this coming Sunday. If you live in the Philadelphia area you might be interested in checking out this Sunday's Tea and Trunk Show at the Pearl Buck House in Bucks County. You can get more information here. https://secure2.convio.net/psbi/site/Ecommerce?VIEW_PRODUCT=true&product_id=2262&store_id=7543&JServSessionIdr004=hlwg7lpe13.app213b
It is best to have reservations ahead of time so we can plan for you. It will be a great way to treat mom before Mother's Day. 

Easter was a really nice day. We had a terrific meal and nice time with friends. My friends' son is getting married in July so he and his fiance were there as well as her parents. It was so nice to meet them before the wedding. And as, the wall-hanging says, always good to be with friends and share some laughs. 

I really want to share the fabric I just got in the mail from Sew Fresh Fabrics. It is so yummy. I'm adding the first two to my favorite things collection, along with tea and flowers. I just fell in love with the red dotted fabric. Not sure where I'll use it but it's fun to have. 

And no, I haven't forgotten the baby quilt. It is all set to be put together in the quilt sandwich and then to quilt. I now have a deadline which works best for me. Another friend reminded me that I would be seeing the new mom at a bridal shower next weekend so that is the goal. I love not having to put it in the mail. That is always done with a prayer. Now, I have it sitting on the cutting table. Do you think the quilt fairies will come while I'm out and put it together for me?


  1. Great fabric....I love getting fabric in the mail!

  2. I'm familiar with the rain, rain, rain as I was down there last week- glad to hear it has finally stopped!
    Love the red and white fabrics. I won some similar ones in a contest last month- not my usual choice.