Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday already?

Good morning. I just don't know where the week has gone. Sad to say I have not done any sewing since my last post. Not sure why except just very busy with other things. I did spend a good part of yesterday making cards so now I'm all set through May.

Since I need pictures, I'm going to share a few things here and then get to sewing!

This was my  latest find at Home Goods. It is an April Cornell quilt. I can always tell things from her because her colors are great! This was just what I needed to brighten my bedroom. I loved the quilt on my bed but did want to brighten things up. Really do want to make a quilt for my bed but just hasn't happened yet. This will do until that happens. 

The bed and new plates on the wall.  Sorry about the light.  Working on new fabric for the windows too. 
A closeup of the colors. Just love them.

I have gotten some fun things in the mail. Ebay and Etsy purchases are the best.  Don't we all love those squishy packages in the mail. I think I have a few more coming. 

I'm adding this to my tea collection. Another someday quilt. 

Such a tempting jelly roll. Love that Strawberry Fields fabric.

Now, on tap today is sandwiching the baby quilt to get it ready for my quilting. I realized that I love to put together the tops but then really hit a wall when it comes to the finishing. I wish I could just send all my quilts out for quilting but that can get a bit expensive and would take money away from buying fabric!!! Here is the backing for the quilt, just patiently waiting to be joined to the batting and the top. Today, for sure!

This backing will look so much better when it joins the quilt top. 

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  1. Love the quilt! It really will brighten up the bedroom.