Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another gathering of the GEQo's

In case you missed a post a while ago, my quilt group decided to call ourselves the Good Enough Quilters. Hence, the title at the top. You know we all live in a world of acronyms so I decided that we needed one too. Ladies, what do you think?

It was another night of sharing our quilts, plans and WIP's. And even a few finishes, too. 

Our block for this month. Always interesting to see how different they are. It was easy to figure out who made which. We do have our color preferences. 

Fran is making a postage stamp quilt. Don't you love the colors?!!
Peggy had a finishthat was lovely. Shhh, she is giving it away tomorrow but think it's safe to show.
Everyone was agog about her HAND quilting. So very pretty. Always fun to see the back when it looks like this. 
Lynn's creation. Two more and she has a larger block. 
Lynn's mystery quilt. She made this with her sisters. Great pattern choice. Doesn't it look like rippling drops? 
A prayer shawl design. Everyone of us was feeling sick but no one got to take it home!
The back was just as pretty as the front. 

And yes, this is the re-done baby quilt for me. I'm ready to quilt now. The end is in sight.

Now we're all home with lots of inspiration. I can hear the sewing machines purring all over town!


  1. Thanks for the photos, Nancy. Looks like the GEQs have been very busy!

  2. Looks like a very talented group! I love your baby quilt with the redone border!!