Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pandora's, no, Norma's box

What a treat we all had for our Quilt meeting last night. Norma, a fabulous quilter, opened her lovely house to us and shared her quilt journey with us. She is also part of a small quilt group and she told us all about their beginnings and some of the projects they have undertaken since they started in 1978. We are all very much inspired and the ideas were flying.

THEN, we were really in awe when Norma took us back to show us some of her quilts. As you can imagine, it was just fun to see them stacked in her quilt cabinet. Wouldn't we all love to have one of those? I'm going to show you some of those quilts below and even though the lighting wasn't the best, I hope you enjoy the show. Yes, it was almost like going to a mini-quilt show and who doesn't love those!

Such a simple design but so luscious

The bright colors were simply happy. Notice the outline stitching too.

Don't you love the trellis with the flowers?

Again, the lovely colors and tree accent. 

The flower vine just adds such oomph to this quilt. 

Same design, different colors. And love the sashing. 

Perkiomen quilt - such a great design and wonderful colors. 

These baskets and applique flowers were perfect. 

They just kept coming. 

This was inspired by tattoo designs!

Jut love the basket of flowers in the middle. 

Americana school quilt. Many of us are teachers so we really loved this one. 

Look at the corners of this carousel inspired quilt. 


Simply lovely

So many things to see on this one and it's all applique. 

Had to show the sunflower. Just love them. 

The fabric for the houses was vintage. Perfect. 

Sunflowers and roosters. What more could you want?

This happy quilt just speaks for itself. 

And then some mini's. One more special than the other.

I saw this one in a full size. So lovely. 

Look closely and you can see the button garland

'Twas the season. 

Santa's Back Porch. Don't you love it!

Roses galore. 

A personal favorite with roosters, sunflowers and strawberries. Just perfect.

I hope you could appreciate this as much as we did. I think I can already hear the ooh's and ah's!

I'll be back tomorrow with the second half of our meeting. We each had some work to share too. 


  1. Wow, gorgeous. That is a lifetime of work. Norma is very talented!

  2. These are just beautiful. Thanks for all of the inspiration - I especially love the flowery quilts!

  3. Oh how fun! The quilts are beautiful!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Nancy! Thanks for sharing- the photos are beautiful! And I'm with you- the roosters are the best part!!

  5. Those are so beautiful. All of that hard work.