Friday, March 25, 2011


It was time to visit another quilt show today. Doing that is always a good way to find inspiration. I love to see the colors and the special quilting on each one. I loved reading the stories behind each of the quilts. It is hard to pick which ones to show you here on the blog.

I love the look of this all green quilt.

This quilt was hand-pieced in the 1940's and then finished by the maker's granddaughter  in the 1980's. The red is part of another quilt. 

This quilt was called My Sylvia's Bridal. The quilter used 50 of the 140 quilts in Jennifer Chiaverini's book, The Master Quilter. The tiny blocks were each so pretty.  

Such a pretty blue and white quilt. 

I believe this quilt was made in honor of Arizona. You could see strata in the lines of the quilt. 

Absolutely loved the hankies used in this small quilt. Always makes me sorry that I got rid of  so many of them. 

One of my favorites. Love the sunflowers.

Bluework and I believe bluebonnets in the border. 

I have the same blocks used in this one. Love the way it was finished and wish I had the  small panels used in alternate blocks. See the one below. A new thing to hunt for. 

and redwork, say no more...

Check the quilting on this one. Simply stunning. 
This one was made after a trip to Alaska. Each block is foliage from Alaska. 

And I had to share what I chose with my CSN gift certificate. I love anything by Susan Branch and do agree with the saying on this!

And now it is time to be inspired and get to some sewing. The baby quilt awaits!

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