Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm calling it spring!

It certainly doesn't feel like it but I'm calling it spring anyway. I started the day having breakfast with a few friends from my quilt guild. They introduced me to Almond French Toast! And it was delicious. Just had slivered almonds encrusted on the toast. Great crunch and a little less sweet. It was a delighful way to start the day. Good food and getting to know some new friends. 

When I came home I decided that it was time to decorate for spring, again, even though with early morning temperatures in the 20's there is no way it feels like that. Away went the St. Patrick's Day decor and in came the bunnies, eggs and bright pastels. 

I do love the colors of these decorations. I do think that all the seasons have their good points but spring definitely is a lovely promise at the end of winter. We don't have the warmer weather, yet, but we do have the longer days.

Yes, that is a baseball schedule in the left hand corer. 
I worked on the decorations off and on all afternoon and was so happy to see the sunlight until 7:30. It was wonderful. The only problem with that is you think you have more time than you actually do. Not too tough to take, though.

When I crossed a few things off my to-do list, I worked on the baby quilt. It wasn't planned that way but the colors of this quilt are also the colors of spring. Tonight I finished the sashing which only leaves the border for the quilt top. I'm really very happy with the look of this quilt. Can't wait to have it finished.


  1. The baby quilt is so sweetly simple. I love it!
    Happy Spring!

  2. Love the baby quilt- gives me some ideas for mine!! But, I'm not familiar with this "spring" you speak of- is that what we have for the month of May? That little bit of nice weather between our tough winters and our nasty summers?

  3. That quilt looks awesome, Nancy! The sashing is perfect....