Friday, March 11, 2011

Not perfect...

And yes, I am going to say, but good enough. The only sewing I did today was finishing a BOM that I started last night. I love the unusual color combinations on these blocks. I was finishing it to take to the store tomorrow to pick up my next block but a friend is getting mine for me. If you remember, this was the place where I spent tons of money when I went to get my free block. I think it is a wise move to let my friend get it for me.

For some reason, the middle of this block is very bumpy. Probably will be a longarm quilter's nightmare for quilting. Hmmm. As usual, I'm of the mind that done is good. I know there is another expression about that but can't remember it.

Now that this one is done, after baking and cleaning tomorrow I can get back to the baby quilt. No word on birth or gender yet so I'm flying a little blind.

Have a happy Saturday!


  1. It's a beautiful block. I know it is frustrating when things don't turn out like we think they should. But I know for myself...when things don't turn out just right...I at least learn something!

  2. No, Nancy....I cheated and added the shamrocks to my pink and green quilt for Pink Saturday. Your block looks perfect to me. It must have been a doozy to sew.

  3. Hi Nanc,
    Did you sew this Carpenter's Star using all half square triangles & a few setting squares?
    I have a great book for Carpenter's Star with half square triangle that eliminates the center 8 pt star taking on a 'sewing dart' like quality:

    Simple Stars Beautiful Quilts
    No Diamonds, No Y Seams
    by Debbie Maddy

    If you used, y seams, or set ins, you have the potential for the center Madonnalike bust point!