Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I finally started...

After much thought and procrastination, I finally started the baby quilt. One problem I had was trying to decide just what pattern I was going to use. I had started with just 5 fat quarters which is what I gave the mother-to-be at her shower. Then through the magic of the internet, I got 2 charm squares and some yardage of the same fabric. This gave me more of a problem since it expanded my choices. Too many choices is not always a good thing.

My epiphany came the other day when I decided I wanted to make some half-square triangles. That was fine but then I realized that since I had another charm pack, I could make the same combos and make pinwheels! Ta-da... I am still going to make this up as I go along but very happy with the pinwheels as the centerpiece of this quilt.  Still have lots more fabric that I can use for background and also backing of the quilt.

My only dilemma now is making it more pink or more blue. The couple doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl but... since the baby is due this week, I can always make the pinwheels and then put it all together after the baby is born. That way I can also put name, etc. on the label before I send it to them.

Ah, it's that working under pressure productivity!


  1. Just sent you an email.....in case it is taken as spam.....please email your address to me.....because.................you won!

  2. Pinwheels are always good for a baby quilt! I love the little birdie fabric.