Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We meet again...

We had the second meeting of our small quilting group tonight. The show and tell was wonderful. Such talented people in our small group. Fran shared the first block that we are each going to make. It is a spinning hour glass with some partial seams. I think we started with the hardest one. Next month each of us will bring back our finished block. Can't wait to see what they all look like. As different as each of us.

We were discussing what kind of service project we could do throughout the year. We are a small group so we don't want to take on too big a project to start. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for us? We would love to hear your ideas.

The pictures that are displayed show

Dru's pinwheel sampler. She used Breath of Avignon and a gorgeous blue pindot fabric.
Lynn's block of the month quilt from a local shop. It almost looked like wool to us.
We had to include a patriotic mini-quilt.
Lynn's quilt for a graduate class. She designed the applique pattern herself.

Maybe at our next meeting we will finally agree on a name. Each of us is going to give it some thought in the next month.


  1. Nice job, Nancy! The pictures look great and your synopsis of last night's meeting is
    well-written. Can't wait for our next meeting!

  2. Wow - your little group is very talented, Nancy! I have a small group of friends who are also getting together like this in addition to our guild. As for ideas - how about a quilt for new owners of houses by Habitat for Humanity?

  3. Hi Nancy, I am following, now I have to get busy and sew!!

  4. I've read alot of guilds donate small quilts to pediatric hospitals- just an idea.

  5. What a talented group that is! I am a follower of you now too and thanks for joining my blog. I am originally from PA, born in Philadelphia and grew up there. I married an Irishman in 1997 and so landed up in the most beautiful part of Ireland in a lovely cottage by the sea. We both love it here, and we found Dunfanaghy while we were camping. Hope to get to know you. You do wonderful work, and I loved your blog!