Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giving a quilt again and again

Well, I gave the quilt for the first time today. I'm happy to say that Natalie really liked it and knows that she will get it back again when it is finished. I am struggling with whether I need to re-do the backing. Not sure I am happy with how it turned out but it would also mean undoing the quilting that I have already done. Shared my concerns with Natalie and others and they told me I was crazy. We'll see.

Not sharing the quilt again right now but I will share the cupcake tower we had at the shower. I was really pleased with it. The best part was when people thought I had bought the cupcakes. I loved it. I made chocolate with white icing and strawberry with strawberry icing. Color scheme was pink and yellow. She is having a girl!

Okay, so I thought I was going to be late for the Jelly Roll Sampler so I just worked on block #10. Imagine my surprise when I saw that I still have another week. Oh, well, at least that one is finished. It didn't turn out exactly as the directions and picture showed but after looking at the picture, I think I like it the way it is. No need to re-do. I only have one I think I may do over and that is the first one. I'm just so pleased that I have been keeping up with the block every two weeks. Usually I need a deadline to get anything done. Only two more to go so I should be thinking about how to put them together. Hmmm.

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