Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!

Do you ever get the feeling that it will never be cool again? I think all of us in the east need to remember how cold and snowy our winter was and bask in the memories of that.

I'm visiting with friends right now so now sewing is being done. I did accomplish one "quilty" thing though. I have the Quilter's Travel Companion (great resource) but can't take it with me so I have torn out pages for the places I travel. Well, today, I tour out all the pages, three-hold punched them and put them in a notebook. So... now they are at the ready when I am traveling. As if I need another way to find places (aka quilt shops) where I can spend money.

Looking forward to my cleaning the closet challenge next week. I may even be brave enough to post a before picture. Keep watching!!!


  1. It is very cool here in Ireland, so head on over here.