Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two signs and a win!

I love signs. One of my friends once said that she doesn't have to think when she's in my house because I have favorite sayings all around that direct and inspire. The one above is one of my favorite sayings and it is a new sign for my wall. This one and the next one were made by As Unique As U  Aren't they great! I got mine through a Very Jane offer and just love them. You send a quote or words to them and they arrange them for you. They also have some great ideas on their site.

Now, to find an empty spot for them! That will be the fun part.

Not only did I get these two signs in the mail today but when I was reading a few blogs I found out that I was a winner on the scrap giveaway at The Warp and the Weft. Kaari Meng was giving away scraps of some of their wonderful paper and all I have to do is create something beautiful when I get it. Is that fun or what! If you haven't visited her blog or her website French General, go and check it out. Such pretty things.

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