Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We meet again...

The Good Enough Quilters met again tonight and this was the night we all brought our bug jars to share. They looked so good together and we loved the little extra touches that people added. And to think I was just happy to finish mine!

We couldn't wait to try them out on the "wood" fabric. We are still waiting for three more blocks but this was a start. We are considering two different layouts. Wood between each block or...

...sitting on a shelf. You can see the great minds gathered around to examine the evidence. Any thoughts on the way to go?

This was made by Deb in CT. We'll add hers to our layout when it arrives. Love the fabric, Deb.

Show and tell was not a disappointment tonight. Fran shared the baby quilt she made. Don't you love the bright, happy colors in this quilt?

 I don't think I got close enough for you to see the alphabet letters on the back of the quilt.

Lynn shared the mug rugs that she made. Her surprise was putting mouse pads inside the rugs. They are serving multiple purposes.

Lynn made this quilt as a charity quilt. Don't you love the blues and tans she used?

Fran and Cindy are modeling two of the aprons that Lynn made. Each year her sisters and some friends come in from California for a quilting weekend, which includes some fabric shopping too. They all bring gifts for each other and Lynn is making personalized aprons for each of them.

 And this is Laura's Block of the Month quilt. She is the first one to finish hers. She made it king-size and had it quilted by someone else. We had to go on the steps to hold it up for the picture. So gorgeous.

The final share of the night was Peggy's. She is making this quilt for her niece's graduation. Can you tell that her niece loves cats! I realized that I first posted this one on its side but almost didn't switch since the cats go in all directions. Another cheerful quilt.

This was my 299th post so I know that I really want to do a giveaway for post 300. So keep checking back and there will be a giveaway in the next post. Hmmmmm. Wonder what it will be?


  1. Nancy- Thanks for all the updates. I can't wait to add my block to the other bug jars!! I will be down in 10 days!

  2. Looks like it was a fun evening!