Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day!

Yes, I had dinner with George Washington tonight. There is a restaurant not far away that has Colonial meals every Monday night in the winter and there are special guests at each one. Tonight was George and Martha and their cook. We spoke to the cook and George but Martha was too busy to come to our table. Interesting, huh? The food is somewhat colonial and I must say the marketing department that thought of this was pretty smart. Everything else in the area was closed but the restaurant was packed. We couldn't get a reservation until 7:30.

I did a little bit of sewing today. I put together the backing for a quilt I need to finish. I think most of you agree that this is the least exciting part of quiltmaking. I put it off until I hit the wall and have to finish it. I gave this quilt to someone last May and I'm determined to finish before this coming May.

Nothing special about this fabric (although it is kind of pretty)  except that it was probably cheaper to buy than anything we buy now. I have noticed several people writing about the increased cost of cotton fabric. Now,  I did hear something interesting the other day. A friend told me about going to a quilt shop here in PA and they didn't charge tax since the fabric could be made into clothes. Has anyone else had that experience? I tried to google it to get the information but no luck. How about other states? Do you pay tax on your fabric purchases? 

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  1. Nancy-
    I know at our store we don't tax some fabrics that are specifically for clothes (not sure how that is determined) but we do tax fabric that is not used for clothing- home dec. is one example.

    I agree that sewing the backing is not my favorite part. I love the creative process of piecing the front.