Saturday, February 4, 2012


In an attempt to move on to spring I am changing my header. The angel was one of the last snow things in my house and she has now been put away. I know that spring is not here yet, even though it feels like it is here already, but I'm just making the change to that season right now.

This quilting angel has taken up her post at the top of the steps. I see her every time I go down the steps so I'm hoping to be inspired to get back to some sewing. She is also the perfect paperweight to hold down papers that need to go downstairs. Today I hope to straighten up the sewing room so I can sew serenely. Those little elves just haven't stopped in to do it for me!

I had to share my new little accessory. Don't you just love the little vaselet on my computer? They are a new item in the gift shop and I had to buy one. It is surely a hyacinth for my soul. Right now it has an artificial flower but when I get some real flowers I can put one of those in. It will serve as a regular vase.

I'm off to straighten and do a few other chores around the house. Work first, play (sew) later!

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