Monday, October 11, 2010

Sewing coming soon...

I can't believe I still haven't done any sewing. That didn't happen but I am glad I can say that I did get a few things off my list. I do love how that feels.

I gave a tour of the Pearl Buck House today to three lovely people. They were from Clinton, NJ and Orlando, FL. It is always so much fun to take people through the house and share it with them. Since it is an intact house, left the way it was when Pearl Buck was alive, it is hard to keep remembering not to touch anything. You always feel like you could just sit down and relax.

It was very fun today since they were setting up for a wedding. Girls in simple green dresses with great fall inspired necklaces. They were very lucky that it was such a nice day since the ceremony was outside. it is a lovely setting for a wedding and they do have many of them throughout the summer. There is an enclosed tent for dinner and dancing.

You can find more information about the site by visiting their website at

I did touch fabric today when I packed some material to send to a friend's daughter for pictures with her baby. I love looking at all the pretty colors and patterns. Maybe there will be sewing tomorrow.

No quilting pictures. I just thought I would leave you with an image from the summer as we get deeper and deeper into fall.


  1. I hope you can sew abit tomorrow. I myself are also not into sewing these days because my DH is home after a knee surgery and I have to play for nurse now :-)

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