Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time to monitor and adjust!

I finally had the chance to do some sewing tonight (see the strips all in a row) and ran into a slight glitch in the plan. I was ready to finally work on the jelly roll strip quilt I planned as a wedding gift. Well, I got out the strips and the pattern and discovered that I cut them wrong!!! AAAARRRGGGHHH. Okay, so I backed up a bit and started looking at other patterns. I think I found a solution and can I say, it pays to be a packrat. Fortunately, I had just bought another strip quilting book.

The pattern I'm going to use has different picture blocks to sew. Each block is 10" so I chose the ones that I liked and then can fill in with other 10" blocks. And I think I like this idea better. I chose hearts, a dog, houses and a few other things that fit the newlyweds. I'm excited.

Here is the first block I was playing with. Not sure about the fabric in this one but I do like the idea. It will take me a bit longer since each block is different but I do think well worth it!

Here is the book that is saving my sanity. I am so glad that I bought it.

Just wanted to be sure that I remind everyone that the Fall into Fall Giveaway is ending on Friday, October 15th.  This has been so much fun. I loved all the comments and really appreciate all the new followers. Thanks so much for joining. I really wanted to respond to every comment but my learning curve on this was slow. I finally realized how to do that in an expeditious way. So, for those who didn't get a response from me, I just want you to know that I did so appreciate your interest. I promise to do better from now on.

To check my giveaway offering, you can click here. http://sillystitching.blogspot.com/2010/10/fall-into-fall-giveaway-october-is-here.html

To check the others, please click on the scarecrow on my sidebar. Debi, who did so much to make this happen, did such a great job with the organization. I think we can all say a big THANK YOU to her for that.

And I want to say, good luck to all who entered. Check back on Friday, after noon, to find out who won. I will email the winners first before posting their name.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. And thanks for listening. 


  1. Good thing you are a pack rat! I would never have thought to look for a different pattern. I would have gone straight to different fabric. Thanks for sharing a new idea!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a sick feeling when you realised. Good save!!

  3. Hey Nancy,
    I think the house block looks great! It must be all that "thinking on your feet"/monitoring and adjusting that prepared you for dealing with jut such a potential disaster as this. :) I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  4. The house block is so cute. I look forward to seeing your other blocks too!

  5. I am very interested in that book! Looks like one I could learn from! I'm going to keep an eye out for it! Thanks! ♥

  6. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for visiting. Your house block is beautiful.