Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another fun meeting + a surprise.

I just got home from our group's quilt meeting and once again, I am inspired by the others in the group. We were missing Lynn tonight but happy to welcome Peggy to our group.

Everyone had the chance to share their work and then we shared our paper-pieced blocks. Well, almost everyone shared their block. One forgot and one didn't quite finish. There was a little frustration with the paper piecing. But we did agree that the results were wonderful. Yes, you do see a water glass being used as a place holder for the missing section! Always amazing to see how the same pattern + different fabric yields a totally different look.  I love them all.

The sharing was once again pretty terrific. From Fran's beautiful batik (among a few others on display in her home), Cindy's awesome t-shirt quilt, Fran's beautiful Eagle blue quilt and fun puppy love,  Peggy's amazing huge quilt, with fabulous hand quilting, Dru's cute table runner and Laura's pretty pink quilt with accompanying heartwarming story. I loved them all. I got to share the pictures of the 60th birthday quilt. Hope I have a bit more to show next month.

Now we are on to the block for next month. Laura wanted to make us do curves for the next one but, lucky for us, she didn't have it ready. All I can say is phew! Don't have to stretch that far in the next month. But someday...

Almost forgot! Before the meeting I got a phone call telling me that I won a small quilt at the Quilt Show on Saturday. Not sure which one but can't wait to see it. Yes, I'm a very lucky person! I'll share it as soon as I get it.

Happy Quilting, everyone! And Lynn, hope you feel better already.


  1. I see Lexi managed to get herself in a picture!

  2. I really like those top blocks...so pretty!

  3. I love Lexi in the picture-great meeting and thanks for hosting Fran.

  4. Lots of wonderful quilting and congratulations on winning a quilt!


  5. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing!