Monday, February 4, 2013

Seasons of the heart

I hope you can see what I see in this picture. About a week ago, a friend was visiting and I stood at the door as the car pulled away. I had to run and grab my camera to take a picture of what was left. Somehow, cars pulling in and out left two hearts side by side carved in the snow. Don't you just love it. If I hadn't already decorated the house for February I would have seen that as a sign to get busy setting up for this season of hearts.

Come inside and view the house that just finished with Christmas and is now ready to celebrate the sweetest holiday. When I was teaching, it always amazed me how many holidays are in the short month of February - Black History Month, President's Day, Groundhog Day as well as Valentine's Day.

This funky heart hangs very prominently on the mantel.  It will stay long past Valentine's Day.

I hope you can look closely and see the mini garlands that hang in each pane. I was very pleased with the way I found a way to hang them. The window hangs year round to keep spring alive.

And you can't forget the bows as well as things to hang from the shutters.

The tier with multiple hearts and a red felt tree and the mini-calendar needs to be changed for February. It was too cute to pass up on etsy. The snowman is filled with coarse salt. He can be refilled through his nose. Very accommodating.

And finally the year-round tree. I think I got the hearts on it just in time. Soon it will change to St. Patrick's/Easter/Spring tree. This tree appeared and stayed the first year I bought it. I couldn't take it down since there was no where to store it.

I hope  you have the sweetest month!


  1. The snow hearts are too cool - so glad you shared even if the picture is a bit dark. I always say I'm going to decorate for valentine's day and I never to. (I don't have any decorations for one thing). Maybe this year I will.

  2. The snow hearts are awesome- thanks for sharing!! They are calling for 18-24" of snow this weekend... I don't think I'll be seeing hearts!