Monday, July 4, 2011

Lavender, aaaaah!

I first want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July, wherever you may be. Whether it is filled with picnics and potato salad or just a day to relax, have a wonderful time. I am planning to get some of that sewing in today and hope to really get started on the next wedding quilt.

I really had to share what I did on Saturday. A friend and I went to a Lavender lunch and toured a local lavender farm. The lunch was delicious. We ate at the Lambertville Station which is as it sounds, a converted train station in Lambertville, NJ. The lavender peach strudel was delicious, sorry I can't share a piece with you.

Then we headed to Peace Valley Lavender Farm where we learned about the harvesting and processing of all the lavender they grow. We even got some tips on growing your own lavender and making it last.

Don't you love this sign!

The owners were so great at sharing their knowledge and love of lavender. 
I could almost imagine I was back in Sequim, Washington where I attended a Lavender Festival two years ago. It is always so nice to drive past the farm right before the harvest begins. Waves of purple are surely a sight to behold. And if you pull in, the scent delights you. 

Have a happy day!



  1. What a beautiful place -- I can almost smell the lavender! It looks like you had a blast and made some happy memories. :)

  2. Oh Nancy I'm so envious! It looks like a wonderful place to visit. I have a friend who goes to France every year and she brings me the most wonderful lavender oil back.It's my favorite fragrance. So calming and clean. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  3. Hope you come back out to Sequim for another visit. The lavender farms are busy getting for the upcoming lavender weekend. Here's the farm's Facebook page to keep you up to date with America's Provence up here in the Northwest:

  4. Lucky you! I love lavendar. I took a tour of the lavendar farm in Maui once. It was gorgeous. That pie looks so good!