Thursday, July 14, 2011

All dressed up

Or at least I will be. Going back to my clothes making roots, I finished my clothes for this weekend's wedding. And with time to spare. As I mentioned before, I finished the quilt top. I'll give it to the happy couple and then bring it home so I can finish the quilting. It is that giving a gift twice. 

I really love the fabric. It is an outdoor wedding and this reminds me of a garden  party. 

The jacket. I'm also taking a green sweater that matches too just in case I change my mind. You never know. 

And the purse. I bought this little purse about 3-4 years ago and never used it. I just love the green and blue combination.

Today was a gorgeous day so if Saturday is the same it will be wonderful. I sure hope it is. Would be so nice for everyone. It is in a lovely setting and good weather will add to the joy.

**** I have to give special credit to my friend Cindy. It is her picture of sunflowers in my header. I think they are perfect in the blue bowl. *****

Happy weekend everyone!



  1. What a beautiful outfit you've made. I also started out sewing clothing way back about 50 years ago. I've since been mainly quilting but I remember many outfits I made in my clothes-sewing day. Enjoy the wedding.

  2. Loving your outfit and wow that bag is gorgeous Tres Chic!! xx

  3. It is going to be perfect for a garden wedding. The colors are is the cute bag.

  4. Lookin' good, Fancy Nancy! You are still the Accessory Queen!