Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beautiful wedding, happy couple

Conewago Manor Inn

The wedding this weekend was simply lovely. The sun was shining and the humidity wasn't too bad. The setting was amazing and most importantly of all, the bride and groom were practically giddy with happiness. 

Entering the Inn. 

The sunroom

Each room in the inn is decorated in a different decor and so pretty. No detail was omitted from the planning. 

One small area in our room. 

The wedding ceremony took place outside on the lawn and the reception was in a tent on the grounds.

Hydrangeas on the arbor

A beautiful entrance

The happy couple

As the sun went down, the lights came on...

And yes, I had the chance to give them their almost a quilt. I wanted them to see the finished top and now I have it back home to be finished. Really think I will send it out for machine quilting. Just have to piece the back and get the binding ready to go. Oh, where are those quilting elves when you really need them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.



  1. Oh I so love a good wedding, haven't had one in our family for a while sigh....I notice there isn't a picture of you - is that coming soon!! Linda x

  2. Forgot to say, Bride and Groom look lovely and boy what a lovely place to have a wedding...xx

  3. Fabulous setting! Wishing the beautiful couple years of happiness.

    My daughter and son-in-law, married last October, just left on a two-week honeymoon cruise, a gift from the groom's grandmother.