Monday, November 21, 2011

A lovely day

The weather was perfect on Sunday and I got to spend the morning in Philadelphia watching the Philadelphia Marathon. No, not running, watching. My nephew came down to run the half marathon. No, running 13 plus miles is not my idea of a good time but it was really nice to watch others on a lovely sunny day. He finished in under 2 hours and was pleased with his results. (He ran the marathon a few years ago and that day was cold and rainy. This was so much better.)

It was a very early day for both of us. I was very tired but couldn't use running as my excuse. After I watched the beginning of the race, I went in search of some breakfast. I didn't want to venture too far away from the race and lucky me, the only place to choose was The Four Seasons! After spending so much time in the last few days on my feet setting up for the Christmas Market, it was simply lovely to sit and relax and enjoy a delightful meal. Doesn't it look good?

After I finished eating, I went out to watch the end of the half marathon. There was quite an air of the event and fun to see all the runners as they finished. Most of the half marathoners look pretty happy when they finish. When Chris ran the marathon, I saw some people who looked totally beat after 26+ miles and some who looked like they could run it again.

While I was waiting I saw a few very special murals. Philadelphia has a very strong mural arts program. I believe they have more murals than any other city. I knew this but didn't realize that it extended to the trash trucks. I love this one. There were only two there but I would love to see the rest of the fleet. There are several mural tours in the city. Not sure the trucks are part of that tour!

I'm not sure if I'll be posting before Thanksgiving so I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, hopefully spending time with people you love. I'll leave you with this lovely picture from the lobby of The Four Seasons.

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  1. happy Thanksgiving, Nancy.
    Looks like a great day at the races.:)
    The garbage trucks are awesome.