Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The seasons are colliding

As I look out my window I can still see some color in the trees. Of course, the tree right outside my window is almost bare so it does really give me a good view. I love how it looks on darker days and lighter days too. The colorful trees just pop!

I think I've captured this tree before. It stands between two houses and just stands out against the siding. It still has a way to go before all its leaves are gone but if we had another hefty storm, that would probably be it.

In my house I'm really trying to follow Nordstrom's lead and keep Thanksgiving decorations up until Thanksgiving is over. At Nordstrom's they even have a sign up that they believe each holiday should have its own time. I agree but sometimes it is hard not to get a jump start on Christmas.

Tonight I went to the first night of Festival of Trees at the Pearl Buck House in Perkasie, PA. The house is absolutely beautiful with all the decorations. Each room has been decorated by a local group or organization and they have outdone themselves this year. If you live in the area you should really try to go and see for yourself. If you want more information, you can go to this link Festival of Trees at Pearl S. Buck House. It will be in place until December 31st.

The rooms in the house can't be photographed but this milk house is outside. Don't you just love the decorations that transformed the house into Santa's. And if you got close to him, he talked. I hadn't seen this but a little friend (arm in the corner) asked me if I wanted to see Santa. She was especially proud since this house was decorated by her grandfather and most of the toys inside belonged to her or her brother. It was charming.

And I thought you should have a closeup of Santa's charming face. Very appealing, don't you think?

Even though  decorations seem to be coming at us fast and furious, I think we can finally handle them as we get even closer to the official start of the holiday season. Full disclosure, I did put some holiday rugs down in the house.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I'm not sure what it says about me that I still have Halloween stuff around the house!!! I'm just really busy, yea that's it, I'm busy!