Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pillows, we have pillows!

I'm back with the pillows tonight. Here are 11 that we had pillow forms for. There were two others but Lynn liked those so much, she bought them already. I wish you could see each pillow close up and look at the fabulous backs on them. Some have the same backing but some others were made of contrasting fabric. You know how it is when quilters gather and create!

We ran out of pillow forms but that fabulous group just kept going and made more. There are 19 more to fill and these are great too. Notice the one on the lower right. She is perfect for our gift shop with the other Asian themed items we sell there.

Here are a few more. A few that have matches. I can't wait to get these out in the store for sale. May have to buy one or two myself. And a few more Asian ladies in the picture below.

I couldn't end the post without showing a few of the sewers at work. They were just absolutely great. And I have to say thanks to Fran and Cindy for setting up the room. It was the best arrangement for group sewing.

On the table you can see some of the fabric laid out. What fun to pick and choose from some fabulous fabric.

 Peggy and Karen did lots of the cutting. It was a real assembly line.

If you peak to the left of Lynn's shoulder you can see the pillows she bought! I think they already made their way to her home. I'm sure they look great.

Who knows what we can do next!


  1. You all have been really busy. Great fabrics in the pillows.