Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The things you find...

While I have been home and not able to sew, I have started the process of purging stuff. It started in the kitchen while my friends were here to help me. My countertop was cleaned off and re-arranged and really looks great.

This corner was really crowded. The basket now holds mixes and some tea. Finally the teapots have their rightful place.
Now, the corner used to house a huge collection of recipes that I had saved. It made my niece nervous to see the loose papers so close to the stove. Funny thing is, I don't cook that much so no problem.

Now, while I was purging the recipes I couldn't believe the things I was finding. So many recipes I had saved but now realize that I would never make them anyway. But.. I did find some family treasures and recipes that my mother and grandmother had written down. Even if I will never make them, they are definitely keepers. There was one other surprise in the mix. Check out these coupons! When was the last time you saw a coupon for 5-10 cents? What a hoot. I was even thinking of trying to use them but realized, no bar code. A true walk down memory lane. 

And yes, the recipes still look good. 
I wanted to share one more corner of the counter with you. I have a milk bottle carrier that has been hidden away and now finally has a display spot. One of the bottles that will go in is from Greenwood Dairies where my father worked as a milkman for many years. (They were in the dishwasher when I took this picture.) We always had these bottles on our back porch but I had to find this and one for my sister at auctions. So glad I did.

Now I'm off to do a little more purging. I must say, it does feel good. 


  1. love the coupons...purging can be fun sometimes....lookin good

  2. Hi Nancy! I was looking up nostalgic items and came across your post regarding Greenwood Dairies! You said your Father worked for there; that he was a milk man! It's a small world! My Father also worked there; he worked in the dairy itself - homogenizing milk as well as working on the ice cream runs! Many a day my Mom would take us to the dairy to have lunch with Dad! What a treat! He would make me my own banana split with choc. Marshmallow ice cream & tons of whip cream and cherries! I wonder if we ever ran into each other back then, and if your Father was my families Milk Man. Unfortunately, I was so young I don't remember his name! Those were the days! I