Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's official = fall is here.

Our weather is expected to be very cool this weekend. I don't think it will be at the freezing point but it is going to be quite a jolt to our systems. A dear friend came to visit today and helped me to get out my fall/Halloween decorations. My house and I are so much happier now. She brought in all the tubs of decorations and we got started. And as often happens when someone helps, I even managed to purge a few things that I no longer need.

Thought I would share a few of the things we found today. It sure puts me in the mood for cooler days, cozy sweaters and candy corn!

A few things on the bookcase. I have to use every surface.

I love putting little things on the window ledges. 

These pumpkins replaced the pastel candle holders. 

Don't they just make you smile?

Even Molly got in on the decorating. 

Pumpkins on the hearth. 

Adding a little fall to the flower window. 

A gathering of fall. 

And the tree is ready for the holiday.
(My boombox is still sitting there from our hurricane preparation.
 Can I put it away now?)

And a quiet bit on this mantel. 
Today was just another example of how my friends have all been so helpful as I recover from my shoulder surgery. I'm hoping that I will soon be able to go without the sling and do more for myself. But I certainly won't forget all the help I have been given. Friends and family are simply the best. 


  1. Your home looks so lovely!! How wonderful it is to have friends and family willing to pitch in :)

  2. It's good to have family and friends in times of need, and I am sure you will have been there for them over the years too! We seem to be getting summer again here! The temperatures have been in the high 30s all week but it's due to change next week.....winter is a coming!! x

  3. I love autumn! I've had my pumpkins out since it turned to September! =) The leaves are just beginning to change here and are quite beautiful...if it'd stop raining, I'd be able to go for a walk. =)

    I'm glad that you have so many beautiful friends helping you in your recover...that's always a blessing!

  4. Your home is beautiful. I love this time a year. Just wish we had more of it.