Sunday, September 18, 2011

I have to share a finish

I just wanted to take a minute to share this finish with you. I did share the top with you before but this was the wedding quilt that I finished right before my surgery. And I did, right under the wire. I'm not sure if the couple got it yet since I sent it home with the groom's mom. Guaranteed delivery! 

I pieced together different fabric for the backing. I'm so glad we've been freed to do that. 

I used a Susan Branch label. I really love her designs but have to find another way to write on the label. 

My straight line quilting too. And we don't have to follow the rules any more!

It makes me feel good to share this since there won't be any finishes for a while. My shoulder is doing better every day. Still hold out hope for sewing sooner rather than later! We'll see...

Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Very pretty! Love the way it turned out. Thanks for sharing the "done" picture!

    Hope your shoulder gets better every day and you are back to sewing in no time at all!
    Sandy A

  2. Wow! It turned out great! Congrats. The recipients will LOVE it!

  3. It's a beautiful quilt - such a lovely wedding gift!!! Whoop whoop!!

  4. Really really pretty quilt, I bet they were super pleased with it. Hugs Linda x

  5. Very pretty. I love green so this works for me ;-)

  6. Beautiful quilt....I get a little guilty feeling when I see your label. I have been so bad about that...