Saturday, September 24, 2011

Keeping a record

While I'm still working on organizing my pattern stash, I thought I would share one ongoing project that I am keeping up with. The picture below shows this great album that I found on sale. That is a Denyse Schmidt quilt on the cover.  When I bought it, I wasn't sure what I would do with it. It was a real aha moment when I decided it would be perfect to keep a scrapbook of all the quilts I have made. I don't have them in my house since I have given all of them away. I know they all went to good homes but it is nice to have a picture of each one.

The first page in the book is my first quilt. The one that started it all. I told the story of my quilt class and even have a picture of the quilters who quilted it for me.

This shot is just another one of the pages in the book. I try to give a background of each quilt, who it was for and any other important details. I am happy that I started this right away and have been able to keep it current.

Now if only the rest of my house was that organized. Sigh...


  1. Nancy-
    Love the idea of a quilt scrapbook- it combines two of my hobbies!
    Also, love your new header photo- so autumn!

  2. Love your flowerbed! Awesome! Great idea to make a quilt scrapbook~ fun memories too. Have a good weekend!

  3. I'm so glad I found your blog! First of all the sunflower got my attention - my profile picture is a red sunflower my 83-year-old mother grew. I love it! Love your quilt scrapbook. I have pictures of all my quilts and a little story behind them and I'm so glad I started keeping it. My mother still quilts - pieces and quilts all by hand - but can't remember some of the hundreds of quilts she's made. I love your comfy chair! Hope you continue to heal well. Gale