Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Days

This weekend we had our first snow since Halloween and even though it was less snow than at Halloween, the cold made it more dangerous. In our area we only had about 3 inches but it kept me home for two days. They were glorious. I was very lucky that a terrific neighbor came over and shoveled my sidewalk and driveway. I am following my physical therapist's orders to not even touch a snow shovel.

The temperatures stayed below freezing today so there was still ice on the roads. I decided not to take any chances and stayed home all day. It was really wonderful to just look outside at the white snow.

While I didn't get to any sewing I did finish a project. I know someone who is retiring and doesn't want anything special done for her. We are going to shower her with cards and notes to let her know how much we appreciate her. I volunteered to make a special box for the cards. What started in my head as a box covered with wrapping paper became this -

It was a really fun project. I bought the box at Michael's and after painting it I used ModPodge to apply the fabric swatches and cover it many coats over. I used a pile of buttons in the middle instead of a handle. I can't wait to give it to her.

Thanks to my sister for the idea. I think I shared this before. This is the box she made for me on my 60th birthday. I loved that and thought it would work with fabric too.

Now that this is finished, I hope to move on to sewing! So many projects on my list.

Have a wonderful week of sewing!


  1. Your boxes are lovely what a good idea. We haven't had any snow at all this year in our part of France, quite a difference from last year, but I am not complaining, much as I love to see it when it has first fallen..... I hate having to drive when the weather is bad. x

  2. We got some snow here was nice to have a weekend of being snowed in with nothing to do but sew or knit!

  3. Lovely box - and the decor!! Love mod podge. I've been using it a lot lately, buying it with my Michael's coupons.