Thursday, March 14, 2013

A lovely tea

A great thing to do before staring the next project - go out to tea. Last week I went to my favorite tearoom! I was thrilled to see they were all ready for St. Patrick's Day, my favorite holiday. Trish does such a wonderful job with decorating for every holiday. This was the lovely teapot on our table. No, we couldn't take it home...

 You have to love the decor on the windowsill. Queen Elizabeth was constantly waving. Too funny.

No detail is left undone. We loved the curtain pulls and tried to figure out how to do this ourselves. What a great way to use the odd teacup.

As usual, our wonderful tea plate. Trish only serves raisin scones which are the traditional kind. Sandwiches and sweets are great too. I forgot to take a picture of my soup and salad which we started with.

Love this wonderful little BLT. Who knew you could do that?

One final picture of my teapot. She has the most wonderful teapots which I also do want to take home! This lovely pot with Big Ben on it was mine today.

Have a lovely sewing day.

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