Sunday, July 1, 2012

A big oops!

I went to a bridal shower on Saturday. It was a lovely event and the bride was happy and got lots of great gifts. As you can tell, it was a beach theme and held in Ocean City, NJ. I tried to avoid some Saturday traffic and drove down on Friday night. A two-hour drive took me 4 hours!

i stayed with the mother-of-the-bride on Friday and she painstakingly made these mini- wedding cakes on Saturday morning. Three tiers and then decorated with chocolate seashells. Really very cute. It was my job to drive them over to her sister's house after she finished them. Lucky for me, the speed limit is 25 so it wasn't too odd for me to drive 20 mph so nothing would fall. Well, when I was very close to the house, I was at a traffic light which turned yellow. Being the good little driver, I stopped. What was I thinking? As you will see below, the white mini-cakes didn't fare too well. They were on a pedestal which tipped over when I stopped and you can see the results.

There had been a big storm the night before so that lead to the little sign, After the Storm. We really managed to make lemonade out of lemons! And my friend saw the humor in the situation when she arrived with her daughter. 

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  1. Oh...did you have a moment of total panic?? How ambitious to make all those little cakes! They were cute before and after!!