Sunday, March 11, 2012

Paper goodies

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was one of the winners in a French General giveaway. I know most of you are familiar with the wonderful French General fabric and now there are more goodies coming out for the scrappers and cardmakers in our midst. Now the picture above is paper but I bet you thought it was fabric. This is how the goodies were packaged. I want to save this too.

This was some scrap paper, it is really more red than it shows in this picture.

Oh, the possibilities of using all this wonderful paper stash.

This little pack itself is pretty as it is. I really have to think about it for awhile before I make anything from all of this.

These wonderful supplies will be available at your local Michaels in April. Be sure to watch for them.  Kaari Meng asked that the winners make something wonderful and then share it with her. I appreciate her generosity and can't wait to start the perfect project!

Be sure to check her blog, The Warp and the Weft and the French General online store. So many wonderful ideas and supplies. And if nothing else, so many pretty things to look at.

Thanks so much, Kaari!

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