Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All my eggs in one basket...

I think they always tell people not to put all your eggs in one basket but when I was at the Flower Show last Thursday, I put all twelve of my chances in one raffle basket and I WON! I got a call the other day that I was the happy winner of the Tea for Two basket. 

I really didn't even look at the other baskets when I saw this one since one of my other hobbies is going to tea. There was a gift certificate in the basket for one of my favorite tearooms. And look how they were packaged. So very clever. 

Two great little "teabags".

The basket was filled with so many other good things. I am one very lucky girl. Special thanks go to my friend who told me about the flower show and then delivered the basket to me even though it was the one she really wanted to win!

Tea for two, for sure. 

Love this embroidered tea towel

Coffee drinkers weren't forgotten in this or sweet tooths!

Can't forget the teapot or cups.

four lace placemats

And of course, the tea and shortbread.

Anyone for some tea? 


  1. How neat! I certainly hope you are buying lottery tickets - since you are on this winning streak! Congratulations!

  2. What fun! Congratulations to you. Enjoy!

  3. What a wonderful win! Congratulations! I love your daffodils in your header too. ;-)