Saturday, June 19, 2010

What brings us together?

It all started with a quilting class. I had retired and a friend and I decided to take the class together. We both made a sampler quilt which taught us so much about so many different piecing techniques. The class only had 3 people in it so we got lots of one on one attention.

The most amazing thing was seeing all our quilts when they were finished. We all made the same blocks for our quilt, set it the same way but got, oh so different results. Mine was traditional, Cindy's was black and bright and Joanne's was earthy. And I must say, they all looked great.

Now we can see in our group that while our common interest is quilting, we all come to it from a different place. Very experienced, fairly new at quilting and in between. Some of us like more traditional quilts, some like applique, some really, really like fabric and want to showcase that in our quilts. It will be so interesting to see what we do with the block we make each month. I can't wait!

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