Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Walking foot or not?

Okay, the quilting is finished and now I only have to put on the binding and I'm finished. Will be delivering the quilt to the baby's grandmother this weekend. It was a smaller size so a little easier to quilt.

Now, here is my question. I started using a walking foot but the stitches were awful. After ripping out three lines of stitches, I decided to try a regular presser foot and it worked! I'm thinking it may have been the thinness of the batting?

I want to hear from any of you who quilt your own quilts but not with a longarm. Do you use a walking foot or something else? Thinking maybe it is time for a lesson?

Happy Quilting!



  1. I always use my walking foot to anchor my quilts before I do any free motion quilting. Sometimes I do the entire quilt with just the walking foot. I have never had a problem with stitches but that may be due to the fact that my pressure foot has a pressure dial so that I can adjust for varying thicknesses of batting. I am pretty lazy so sometimes I piece with the walking foot if it is on the machine and I don't feel like switching feet!

  2. I have a Pfaff. It has a built-in walking foot. I love it. I do all of my straight line or wavy line quilting with this foot. Good luck!

  3. I always use a walking foot too and like Suzan, I also piece with it sometimes. I've never had any issues with stitch quality. Firstly, you should check that the feed dogs were up, not down then check the needle then the threads you are using (could make the tension go crazy). I don't believe the thickness (or lack of it) in the batting would make any difference. I usually increase my stitch length for straight line or stitch in the ditch quilting too. Have you used this walking foot before? is it the right one for your machine (i.e: width? .. if it is the wrong one, it won't meet your feed dogs correctly) Did you fit the walking foot correctly? and was it screwed on tightly as if it is slightly loose it will not sew nicely. I hope this helps :-)

  4. I use my walking foot all the time too for quilting straight lines. Like the others, if the foot is on the machine I will continue to use it for stitching too.