Friday, July 19, 2013

The flags tell it all

I think we are experiencing the same heat that is taking over most of the country. Our climate is upside down and it is hotter here than it is in the south. Happy to have working AC this week!

I was looking at the garden flags I have out right now. The one above is so tempting and a wonderful activity on a summer's day. Unfortunately, it can only be a dream at the moment. The minute you walk out the door, you want to turn around and come back in. Hoping for a break this weekend.

The people who are lucky enough to be at the shore right now are enjoying a bit of a break. I think the temperatures there are a bit cooler. Sitting there by the water looks like it would be nice.

And one more thing... happy to share my bottle tree. Love the blue bottles and the black-eyed Susans together.

Hope you are somewhere a little cooler than it is here. 


  1. Love your bottle tree.... the blue is such a pretty color!

  2. I haven't seen a bottle tree before - but if one is going to have one than it must be blue with black-eyed susans! So pretty. What did those bottles contain? I do hope your heat wave breaks soon.