Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jelly Roll Race?

The Good Enough Quilters met tonight and our plan was to make the Jelly Roll Race quilt. And to actually race. That changed quickly since we were all at different points in our sewing. Some had  made their strip chain already and some, like me, hadn't done anything but get the jelly roll! Plan B went into place. Start sewing and just enjoy. Which we certainly did.

Peggy finished hers first but to her dismay, she only had 21 strips in her jelly roll which made quite a difference. This allowed all of us to help her with some problem solving and we all thought she should cut in half and add a cute border for a baby quilt. Very disappointing.

 I went with a 21 strip jelly roll but just thought it would be smaller. Hmmm, doesn't work that way. The fabric, which I love, was Delighted by Riley Blake. After I saw how the other, larger quilts looked, I went online and lucky for me! I found another Delighted jelly roll and ordered it! This was so easy I may just make a new half right away and then finish up this quilt for me! A first, for sure.

Next was Cindy's. She had what she called a random jelly roll but we all love the finished product. Great colors.

Laura was proudly showing her pink and green quilt. Not sure if you can see them but she put little blocks between her strips. So very cute since she fussy cut the blocks and they're all hearts. And she already has a sweet little recipient in mind.

Don't you love all the soft greens in Debbie's quilt? So calm and relaxing.

Fran's was next. Her red, green and tan Christmas quilt looked great. She already has some coordinating fabric for the backing.

Lynn chose batiks for hers and it seemed that there were none repeated. So very bright and colorful.

Poor Dru hit some glitches and she was the last to finish. She graciously endured our teasing and worked steadily to finish her lovely quilt which she proudly displays below! Don't you love the spots of gold in the quilt?

We had a great time doing this and loved seeing the differences based on fabric choice. I think we all thought we would make these again. So easy and quick! Once you know what you are doing, that is.
There were a few more things shared but I'll include them in the next post since this one is already full.

Have a happy sewing day!


  1. All of the quilts are great! Our guild had a Jelly Roll Race Day and it was great fun, but we noticed some of the same problems that you did. Later someone found a formula online that told strip lengths to achieve different sized quilts. I can't remember where it was though...I'll have to do a search and see if I can find it again.

  2. Awesome job everyone! The real question is, "Would you do it again?". I really like my Jelly Roll Race quilt and could definitely see myself making more. Every one would be different.