Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools and birthdays, perfect together!

I was away this weekend to celebrate my great-niece's 10th birthday. Her birthday isn't until April 16th but because of a school holiday that week the party was early and what better day than April Fool's Day! 21 fourth grade girls came to a pool party at the Y and it was a fun time for all. The cake was designed by the birthday girl. Notice the one swimmer in the pool.

The tables were all set up for the girls and ready for them after the swim. My niece had come up with some great little "tricks" to greet them.

Here is the first course. Sushi with a twist. It was made with pound cake, white icing and coconut.  The "seaweed" is  fruit roll-up! Looks real, doesn't it?
 Even better, the juice was really Jell-o. The expression on some of their faces as they tried to drink it  was priceless!

They got their treat bags at the end of the party.  Filled with "joking" hazards!

I loved this idea. It was the on the website.  Wait until you see the back.

I leave you with sushi all dressed up and ready to go! Oh, yum.

Did you have any great tricks played on you yesterday?

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