Thursday, October 6, 2011

Silly Stitching?

Dawn, at the As Sweet as Cinnamon blog, posed a question today to find out where blogs get their names. It did make me stop and realize that I may never have explained that when I first started this blog.

At the first meeting of our little quilt group, we were trying to think of a name for our group. We did want something that was a happy name so we were throwing out words like happy, fun, silly... That first night we never did think of our name but when I got home I really wanted to start the blog right away. I tossed around some other names and finally settled on Silly Stitching. Happy and having to do with quilting. The name says it but more important is what I wrote in the header. Our group became the Good Enough Quilters and we use that phrase often at our meetings. I live very happily in the Land of Good Enough.

No, the picture at the top is not a quilt. It is a bit of an homage to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, NM. It is being held this week. I went there the first year I was retired and had so much fun. It is a fabulous event!


  1.'s nice to come up with a name. I know for me, life is wrapped up in being a wife and mother, so my blog became 'The Other Side of Me', which encompasses my personal thoughts, as well as my creations. We're not all just one thing...that's for sure.

    BTW...I love your pumpkin decor! If I had a yard, that would suite me perfectly!

  2. I enjoyed reading how your name came about, and the land of good enough is ok by me....some people are obsessed with perfection, but the land of good enough is where most of us reside.

    Love those pumpkins on your header.

  3. I enjoyed reading the story behind your blog.
    I have attended a balloon rally here in NC. So neat!

  4. Silly Stitching in the land of Good Enough. This sounds like a book - fantasy, along the lines of the Wizard of Oz. Maybe you should expand the idea....