Saturday, October 8, 2011

And so it grows...

My stash that is. I am still not able to do any sewing but luckily, or maybe not, I can surf the internet and find some great fabric. Of course, you do realize that since I haven't done any sewing my stash is the same as it was before I had surgery. I found these two charm packs on ebay. They are on other sites but I was looking for a bargain and found it. These were aptly photographed on my empty sewing chair. It is waiting for me. I was talking to a friend the other day about how nice charm packs are. You get a little taste of each fabric. Maybe they should be called Lifesavers!

Another ebay find. This is Moda PUNCTUATION by American Jane. I collect fabric with words and this is a perfect addition. Maybe I need to make a quilt with just words?

The last one was this alphabet twill tape. I think this would be fun on a child's quilt. Aaaah, I love new fabric finds.

I've had two PT sessions which have gone very well. My PT was very happy with the progress I had made up to this point. I asked the "When can I sew?" question yesterday. The answer, not quite yet, but I can try hand sewing so maybe a chance to do some of the redwork.

We are having a glorious weather weekend. Hope yours will be a good one too. 


  1. I *so* feel your pain ... at not being able to sew! And doesn't it figure?! I've had such wonderful ideas I'd like to put to the machine, and I CAN'T! Glad your PT is going well -- keep up the good work!! :)

  2. I love your fabrics, there are so many fun ones out there and I love the idea of the fun and kids fabrics to use for charity quilts. I hope you heal quickly, not sewing is not fun.


  3. I love bargains too! I don't know what you can't say if I'd consider it a yay for your finds! =)

    Keep getting better....Soon 2B Sewing....that can be your new motto! =)

    Oh, and if you'd like to try and win some fabric, I've got a lovely giveaway on my blog...a great online shop...come check it out. =)

  4. Nancy-
    Glad to hear everything is proceeding well. Keep up the good work and you'll be diving into the stash in no time!!

    Love the punctuation fabric and the alphabet twill tape. It must appeal to the librarian in me!!

  5. fun twill tape. whenever I find any I snatch it up